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Here Are Answers Of Amazon Students Day Quiz Contest

Question 1: In 2019, which Indian won gold in the World University Games at Napoli with a timing of 11.32 seconds?

Answer 1: Dutee Chand

Question 2: As a student, which famous Indian once mis-spelt the word 'Kettle' and refused to copy the correct spelling from the neighbour's slate?

Answer 2: Mahatma Gandhi

Question 3: 'The Adventure of the Three Students' features which legendary fictional detective?

Answer 3: Sherlock Holmes

Question 4: Eight Presidents of the United States have been students of which iconic university?

Answer 4: Harvard

Question 5: One of the founders of the company who has manufactured this product, nicknamed Woz, is an alumni of which university?

Answer 5: University of California, Berkeley

Question 6: While still a school student, who started blogging on the BBC Urdu website under the pseudonym Gul Makai?

Answer 6: Malala Yousafzai

Question 7: The iconic logo of which shoe manufacturer was created by a Graphic Design student named Carolyn Davidson?

Answer 7: Nike

Question 8: The national anthem of which country (whose capital is shown in picture) was composed by Rabindranath Tagore's student, Ananda Samarakoon?

Answer 8: Sri Lanka

Ongoing Amazon Quiz Contest Answers:

How To Play Amazon Students Day Quiz

  • Step 1: First of All, Download, Install And Open Amazon Pay App.
  • Step 2: Login To Your Account Using Your Credentials.
  • Step 3: Now Search For "Quiz" OR "Fun Zone" IN App's Search Bar.
  • Step 4: There You Will Get A Banner Related To This Contest.
  • Step 5: Click On Banner And Submit Correct Answers For All Questions And Win Free Lenovo ThinkPad.

Final Words:

So, These Are The Questions And Answers of Amazon Students Day Quiz Contest. Hope This Will Help You To Win Free Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop.

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